Foils and Magnetic Tapes

All the items you find here are made of pulverized strontium ferrite, which is embedded in a flexible plastic material. In order to reach a good adhesion force in direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces, the magnetization is lamellar. Most of these items are anisotropic, which increases their adhesive strength.
The foil or tape can be cut with normal scissors, and labeling can be done with any writing tool, pencil, pen, pen, marker…etc. Direct printing can also be done on certain products.
We have a very wide range of magnetic products with the most diverse applications:

magnetic foils up to 1.5 mm thick, with or without adhesive. These foils are generally sold in rolls of 30 ml or charged in multiples of 1 ml. The uses of these magnetic foils are diverse, such as: for hobby (you can turn your pictures into fridge magnets), arts and crafts, DIY, presentation, cutting, labeling, in the advertising area (it can be pasted on the back of the posters, the following posters be placed on a metal surface), in kindergartens and schools.
magnetic sheets up to 1 mm thick, with or without adhesive or colored. These magnetic sheets can be printed on various forms for notice boards, presentation boards, kindergartens, schools, etc.

magnetic strips and labels: they have different sizes (10-50 mm wide) and colors. The frequent uses of the tapes are to label the goods on the shelf (on steel shelves) or metal cabinets in logistics spaces and offices, in the production or service areas. The magnetic strips are easy to cut and you can easily write on them with a permanent or temporary marker. Magnetic strips with self-adhesive back are useful when you want to attach a non-metallic object (e.g. sign, various light objects, light souvenirs) to a ferromagnetic surface. The self-adhesive strips can be stuck together, so two light non-magnetic objects can be connected to each other.

Let’s not forget the magnetic wedding/baptism certificate or simple photos, for advertising purposes, car inscriptions or billboards. And these are generally made on flexible magnetic foil, laminated or not, having the possibility to be easily applied to the ferromagnetic support and to be removed just as easily, without scratching the support.

These flexible magnetic products therefore find various uses, from the kindergarten or school to the office, production or service area (when various panels and information and warning signs can be made).

We invite you to use them with confidence and to send us new and interesting uses!

For more information about flexible magnets, you can consult the Guide for choosing magnetic foil.