SEAP / SICAP acquisitions for magnetic products and magnets

All Arca Hobber SRL products are also available through SEAP (Electronic Public Procurement System) / SICAP (“Collaborative IT system for a high-performance environment for public procurement”).

We are proud to be registered in SEAP / SICAP. Any magnetic or non-magnetic product from the online store you want to purchase, it is also available through the SEAP platform for public procurement or electronic auctions. We just need to discuss before to understand/recommend the best magnetic products or magnetic solution and find out the quantity of magnets (neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, magnetic foil, magnetic tape, magnets and articles for office or school, industrial magnets, magnetic devices ) desired.

From the moment we understand what the list of desired products is, we take care of uploading them to the public procurement system. The next step is to be able to identify them in the system and purchase them under the proposed conditions.

Who buys through SEAP / SICAP?

We are proud of our customers who purchase SEAP / SICAP from the following categories:

  • public institution: town hall, prefecture, autonomous administration;
  • educational: kindergarten, school, high school, college/university, science museums;
  • cultural: theater, opera, operetta, children’s theater, art museums, art exhibitions;
  • military unit;
  • another form of state-owned company;
  • private companies that want transparency and a fair offer through the public procurement system.

If you participate in auctions where you need transparency in public procurement, our staff can help you. We collaborate with clients to identify the magnetic products that interest you in SEAP / SICAP or we can load them especially for you.

Moreover, for such purchases through SEAP, I also opened an account in the Treasury.

Questions and information about SEAP / SICAP acquisitions

For any questions regarding the purchase of magnets and magnetic products through SEAP / SICAP, please contact a representative of Arca Hobber SRL. Contact info at office (at) or phone 0040 762 749 009 or on the contact page. We will find the most attractive solution together. The acquisition process will be carried out under competitive price conditions.

More information about the organization of public auctions and SEAP / SICAP acquisitions here.