Magnet therapy or magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy techniques have multiple advantages: it is the simplest, cheapest, painless and safest known therapy. It was known in ancient China and it is said that Queen Cleopatra wore a magnetic talisman to preserve her youth and beauty. Today more than 5,000,000 people can talk with joy about the amazing results obtained with the help of magnetotherapy products.

What are the advantages of magnet therapy?

The magnet produces an electromagnetic field. This field deeply harmonizes the structure of the human biofield, regenerates and recharges human energy reserves. Without the magnetic energy inside the Earth, all the living world is deeply affected. Massive industrialization has littered the Earth with electromagnetic lines that jam the natural magnetic field. Thus, the Earth’s magnetic field is 50% lower than in the last 500 years. Today it measures approximately 0.5 Gauss.

The first cosmonauts had problems when they spent a long time in Earth’s orbit precisely because of the lack of the natural magnetic field. The lack of the natural magnetic field in space affected the basic processes of the human body. In the following space missions, this was remedied by inserting magnets inside the space suit.

Electronic smog, radio-tv waves, electrification and railway lines reduce the effects of telluric magnetism by half or even more.

Magnets accelerate blood circulation without increasing blood pressure. Thus, the peripheral system is better irrigated, pains and migraines, joint pains, rheumatism are alleviated, arthrosis, arthritis and the effect of Parkinson’s disease are reduced. Magnetotherapy also prevents and alleviates depression by 50%, helps the body against viral diseases, bacteria or bacilli. Magnets work as a natural antibiotic, reducing acidity and alkalizing cell tissues, reducing stress.

Magnetic products are designed to successfully replace the magnetic force required for optimal functionality of the human body. Magnet therapy fully offers the above-mentioned advantages, regenerating and restoring the human energy field through simple contact with the body. The magnetic field generated by magnetotherapy products also acts through clothes, tissues or bones.

How does magnetotherapy work?

The palms and soles repeat the construction of our body, functioning as remote controls for directing human health. On the hands and feet there are point systems with high activity, corresponding to all the organs and parts of the body. The whole human body finds its counterpart on a smaller scale in the palms and soles.

Everything is based on the principle: the smaller the surface on which it is applied, the stronger the effect.

The body and its corresponding systems are in a continuous interaction. In case of illness, the wave starts from the affected organ to the point on the body corresponding to it, excites it, and it becomes painful. When this point is stimulated through various procedures, a curative, healing wave appears, which exerts a normalizing influence on the affected organism. Stimulation can be done by magnetotherapy.

Magnetotherapy – the therapeutic effect

The therapeutic effect of magnets has been known since ancient times. About 5,000 years ago in China, the characteristic of the magnet to indicate the north was known – the Chinese being the ones who invented the compass.
Also in ancient China, the beneficial effects of magnets on various ailments were found. Almost without contraindications and with visible effects within a few hours of application on the body, the magnet represented a highly appreciated remedy in the past, especially in the East. Thus, these healing stones, rare at the time, were considered valuable goods, like jewelry.

Magnetotherapy – clinical studies

Currently, this way of improving and curing ailments has attracted the attention of specialists. And the studies carried out in this regard have demonstrated the qualities of magnets.

Thus, the patients in two study groups were applied magnetic foils and respectively foils that resembled the magnetic ones, but did not have this quality. It was thus found that the people whose foil was magnetized had a problem solving rate of 80%, and for those whose foil was not magnetized, the percentage was only 40%. On this occasion, it was also demonstrated that the Placebo effect can no longer be taken into account, the magnets being the ones that helped to cure or improve the ailments. This type of study was carried out by independent teams of researchers from the USA, Japan, Russia and China.

The action of the magnet in magnetotherapy

After the studies, it was found that the effect of the action of the magnets is visible after about 2 hours from the application in the problem area. It is also important that,following a correct application and use, the use of magnets has very few constraints.

Here a clear distinction must be made between traditional magnets and the electronic equipment available on the market that generates a magnetic field with certain characteristics. In what follows, we will pay attention only to classic magnets made of neodymium (neodymium) or ferrite.

The magnetic field generated by the magnets has a stimulating effect on the cells, the exchange of oxygen and the absorption of nutrients from food and liquids being greatly increased. A better and more complete elimination of toxins from the body was also found when using the magnets.

Magnets are applied to the body, to areas with problems or pain. They act in depth, improving, restoring or optimizing the functioning of organs and tissues. Without having a visible effect (the magnetic field being invisible), there is an attenuation or disappearance of pain or, in other cases, a healing of the diseased organs.

One field in which magnets are used very successfully is that of sports: placing them on an affected, swollen area, or above a sprain or broken bones has the effect of relieving pain and healing much faster.

The main conditions in which magnets are successfully used are:

  • headaches, migraines
  • joint pains
  • menstrual pains
  • sports accidents, fractures
  • insomnias
  • blood circulation problems
  • problems with digestion/lack of appetite
  • stress, fatigue, overwork, mental and physical demands

Magnets used in magnetotherapy

Traditional magnet therapy, magnetotherapy, is based on the use of permanent magnets. So this method of therapy does not require electric current to produce the magnetic field. Although technology has advanced and these magnets are produced today in various shapes and strengths, the basic idea remains – no electric current is used to generate the magnetic field.

To be effective, the magnets must have a field with an intensity greater than 500 Gauss. All neodymium or neodymium magnets have Gauss values greater than 10,000, sometimes reaching up to 14,000 Gauss, which makes them extremely powerful for magnetotherapy applications. Moreover, due to their small size, neodymium magnets are discreet and can be “carried” without being noticed by those around.

The main types of magnets for therapy

a. magnetic bracelets or necklaces
b. magnetic insoles or soles
c. magnetic belts
d. various products for magnetotherapy (magnetic patches, magnetizing wands, magnetic socks, mattresses and magnetic pillows)
e. books for documentation, such as Magnetoterapia book
f. helps to quit smoking based on magnets.
g. magnets for therapy (ferita and neodymium of standard shapes, sizes and strengths)

The last category of permanent magnets for therapy has the advantage that it can have much higher powers. The therapeutic effect is stronger and faster. Moreover, since they have standard shapes and powers, you can take sets of magnets with various powers/shapes that can be used in an increasing manner. The body thus gets used to it more easily, using magnets from small powers/dimensions to larger powers/dimensions. The entire range of neodymium magnets (neodymium-iron-boron or dFeB) can be found here.

Who should not use magnets?

The following categories of people should not use magnets at all, or only partially:

  • pregnant women;
  • people with heart operations (peacemaker);
  • people who use hearing aids;
  • people who use metal prostheses after some operations.

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