Special MagPaint paint for home and office

The special paint range from contains many interesting products for home and office. Thus, you can easily customize your interiors with the special paint that allows you to attach magnets, write with a marker or chalk, project movies or even film.

Where can the MagPaint special paint range be used?
Home spaces:
living room and hall for souvenir magnets from vacations and periodic personalizations,
kitchen for the day’s menu and “don’t-forget-me” notes,
the children’s room to let them be creative and draw freely on the walls; or to attach magnets from vacations and drawings from kindergarten and school.
entrance hall for fixing the keys to various annexes, some last-minute notes or a different welcome message, to charge you with energy.
office spaces, for teambuilding magnetic photos, daily news, temporary art exhibitions, photography, important messages
educational spaces to teach various concepts, for seasonal decorations (magnetic fruits/vegetables), exhibitions of children’s works
hallways from waiting rooms – a blank wall can become a real work of art that can be recreated many times.
restaurants and cafes for the offer of the day, quotes and banks for the good mood of customers
stores, to create a special atmosphere by fixing magnetic prints that can be configured on demand or depending on the season/promotions.
What products does the MagPaint special paint range contain?

As distributors in Romania of the MagPaint Holland special paint range, we offer you a multitude of options:

magnetic plaster (ferromagnetic) – can be applied roughly on straight and unplastered surfaces. You thus save the plastering operation.
ferromagnetic paint – an increasingly popular product, it can be applied to a multitude of surfaces, turning them into magnet supports
whiteboard paint – with non-permanent markers you can draw and decorate your rooms differently every time. And the combination with magnetic paint is very effective
blackboard paint – do you want to use chalk to decorate the walls? Then you can choose blackboard paint in various standard colors. Of course, it can also be applied over paint or magnetic plaster.
accessories for special paint. A complete range also comes with accessories for the special paint. We are referring here to magnets of different shapes and sizes, special paint application sets, chalk and various markers, cleaning products.

You can choose from the MagPaint Holland range, from dozens of products with a wide variety of properties, colors and packaging, for large or small projects.

More details about Magpaint magnetic paint

MagnetPaint ferromagnetic paint is a paint that, applied to the wall, gives it magnetic properties. The paint is easy to apply and is ideal for indoors, in schools, kindergartens, children’s rooms, playgrounds, offices, shops. On the ferromagnetic painted surface, you can play with magnets, attach presentations to the wall or display your works with magnets. Although the color of the magnetic paint is dark gray, you can apply any color you want on top of it. In order not to reduce much of the magnetic properties covered by the paint, it is recommended to apply 3-4 layers of magnetic paint.

The magnetic paint can be bought depending on your project (surface and number of layers). You can find it in 0.5l, 1l, 2.5l and even 5l cans (economical variant for painting large walls).

Whiteboard paint for writing with a non-permanent marker

Sketchpaint whiteboard paint transforms the surface on which it is applied into a dry board on which you can write with markers. And of course you can also erase with the products from the MagPaint range. Now, with Sketchpaint, you can give free rein to your imagination or create tables to organize yourself better when you work. So the whiteboard paint helps you create, visualize, leave messages, organize yourself better, without buying a flipchart or a whiteboard.
The Sketchpaint whiteboard paint can be found in the following versions: matte white, glossy white (for the projector) and transparent. As for packaging, whiteboard paint can be found in 0.5l and 1l boxes.

What kind of paint do I use for writing with chalk?

Blackboard Paint is a paint that applied to the wall turns it into a blackboard for writing with chalk. Why with chalk? Because messages and chalk drawings still create a feeling of well-being, familiarity, handwriting reminds us of safe and pleasant things.

The special blackboard paint is easy to apply and is ideal for playgrounds, after school areas, exhibition areas and even for the home (children’s rooms, kitchen, entrance hall). On the blackboard paint, you decide if you draw or write your ideas, recipes, shopping lists! BlackboardPaint comes in the following colors: black, gray, lime, green , pink, blue and red. The packaging is usually in 0.5l boxes.

Other types of special paint

The paint for video projects Beamerpaint offers the possibility to transform normal walls into special reflective surfaces for video projections. With a 2-liter bucket of BeamerPaint Base and 1 liter of BeamerPaint Final finish, an area of 5 square meters can be treated.

Phosphorescent paint, GlowPaint to have surfaces full of magic. If you want to use GlowPaint phosphorescent paint, it is good to know that it is a high-quality, water-based, non-toxic interior acrylic paint. What makes it special? It contains a special pigment that glows in the dark. GlowPaint phosphorescent paint transforms any wall, door or object into beautiful landscapes in the dark. Regardless of size, shape or purpose, MagPaint’s GlowPaint brings playful and functional light into the dark. GlowPaint is also a good solution for the surface of certain objects that still need to be visible in case of light failure.

Do you want to film with special effects like the professionals? Use GreenscreenPaint! The green screen paint, GreenscreenPaint, is a water-based green wall paint for interior use. Can be used for Chromakey technique. This technique is used in the film industry to make a background transparent, making it possible to position a character or an object filmed in front of a different background.

What are the possible combinations using these attractive types of paint?
paint substrate / magnetic plaster + washable paint in any color -> support on which you can place magnetic pictures or magnets, souvenirs
magnetic paint substrate + Whiteboard SketchPaint paint -> support on which you can write with the non-permanent marker and you can place magnetic foils or neodymium/ferrite magnets
magnetic paint substrate + BlackboardPaint paint -> support on which you can write with chalk and you can place magnetic foils or neodymium/ferrite magnets
only whiteboard paint SketchPaint -> support on which you can write or draw with the non-permanent marker or make image projections
only paint BlackboardPaint -> support on which you can write or draw with chalk

Of course, for the most interesting new effects we recommend the combination of MagnetPaint magnetic paint/plaster + SketchPaint whiteboard paint or blackboard paint, turning the wall into a place for creation and play, according to everyone’s imagination!

MagPaint in brief
Meets the EN71-3 standard: it is safe for children to play with
It can hold up to 20 A4 sheets with a 29mm diameter neodymium magnet
water-based latex primer, odorless, with easy application
available in almost any size you can think of

Don’t forget that we can also make various magnetic products to order, marketing and promotion materials, personalized products with our partner Magnetic Promo SRL.

Arca Hobber SRL is an authorized distributor of MagPaint in Romania.

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