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Phosphorescent paint, GlowPaint – surfaces full of magic
If you want to use GlowPaint phosphorescent paint, it is good to know that it is a high-quality, water-based, non-toxic interior acrylic paint. What makes it special? It contains a special pigment that glows in the dark. GlowPaint phosphorescent paint transforms any wall, door or object into beautiful landscapes in the dark. Regardless of size, shape or purpose, MagPaint’s GlowPaint brings playful and functional light into the dark. GlowPaint is also a good solution for the surface of certain objects that still need to be visible in case of light failure.
Where can we use GlowPaint phosphorescent paint?

This type of GlowPaint phosphorescent paint can have many uses. We thought of only a few for which our clients approached us:

children’s room… you turn off the light and suddenly you can see fantastic creatures and drawings, stars.
senior homes – you can mark certain objects, obstacles that are easily visible even in the dark.
paintball or lasertag rooms, when you want to highlight certain secret messages once the game starts
escape rooms, when you want to hide messages or make them visible only in dark conditions.
your own home or at the office, in the workshop – you make sure that certain obstacles, steps, important objects will be visible even in the absence of light.
relaxation rooms in companies. You use phosphorescent paint and suddenly, when you turn off the light, you are surprised by the designer’s creativity.
escape routes in office buildings and malls – you make sure that, even in the absence of light, the staff is guided to escape.

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And for other usage ideas, you can check the website of the MagPaint manufacturer!

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