Pot magnets

Pot neodymium magnets actually mean a neodymium magnet embedded in an iron casing. The casing can be made of iron or other metal, plastic, rubber or other materials. Embedded magnets can be neodymium, ferrite, AlNiCo, or samarium. The type of magnet and casing used varies depending on the field of use. Placing the magnet in the steel case results in the amplification of the holding force of the pot magnet.

Through the multiple combinations of cases and types of magnets, neodymium pot magnets can offer solutions to special problems, outside the usual fields of use of magnets.

Pot neodymium magnets are sold in a wide range of shapes:

neodymium magnets pot with buried hole;
neodymium pot magnets with cylindrical hole;
pot neodymium magnets with hook (also in the white version, covered with plastic);
pot neodymium magnets with a ring (also in the white version, covered with plastic);
neodymium pot magnets that can be glued;
pot neodymium magnets with external thread;
pot neodymium magnets with internal thread;
rubberized neodymium pot magnets.

Possibilities of use
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