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BlackboardPaint Black 2.5L

Cod produs: HBPN2.5L
57,92  VAT included
28,53  VAT included

BlackboardPaint Black 1L

Cod produs: HBPN1L
27,33  VAT included

BlackboardPaint Black 500 ml

Cod produs: HBPN0.5
16,06  VAT included
16,74  VAT included

BlackboardPaint Blue 500 ml

Cod produs: HBPAB0.5
16,74  VAT included

BlackboardPaint Grey 500 ml

Cod produs: HBPG0.5
16,74  VAT included

BlackboardPaint Lime 500 ml

Cod produs: HBPL0.5
16,74  VAT included

BlackboardPaint Red 500 ml

Cod produs: HBPRS0.5
16,74  VAT included

BlackboardPaint Pink 500 ml

Cod produs: HBPR0.5
16,74  VAT included
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White chalk, MagPaint

Cod produs: HCR-WHITE
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Colored chalk, MagPaint

Cod produs: HCR-COLOR
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BlackboardPaint blackboard paint – modernized classic
Using BlackboardPaint blackboard paint reminds you of childhood. From the moments when you were on break at school and the blackboard was filled with drawings and writing of all kinds, in just a few minutes. And just as quickly it is cleaned for the next hour ;-(…

The BlackboardPaint blackboard paint is easily applied to the wall and turns it into a blackboard for writing with chalk.
Where can BlackboardPaint be used?
Blackboard paint is ideal for use in creative and educational spaces. Here we are thinking about:

school and kindergarten, both in the classroom and on the corridors, waiting areas, changing rooms
playgrounds and after school,
science and art museums,
architecture and interior design offices, game programming and creation offices,
creative DIY centers (such as Nodmakerspace),
cafes and restaurants (creates a Parisian air, doesn’t it?) and
at home (in the kitchen, living room, children’s room or entrance hall).

You can draw or write your ideas, recipes, shopping lists in an attractive and unique way – it’s your choice!

[icon name=”magnet” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Even glass objects, cups and vases, plywood can be embellished with chalkboard paint, allowing you to write on them too. There are almost no limits to creativity and ingenuity.

BlackboardPaint is available in a mix of colors to best suit your project: black, green, red, blue, grey, pink and lime. In addition, the paint is also available in an “Any Color” version that can be colored as a thin transparent layer with water-based pigments.

For other types of special paint from MagPaint, we invite you to visit our website

And let’s not forget that we can also make various magnetic products to order, marketing and promotion materials, personalized products with our partner Magnetic Promo SRL.

And for other usage ideas, you can check the website of the MagPaint manufacturer! Arca Hobber SRL is an authorized distributor of MagPaint in Romania.

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