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Do you want to film with special effects like the professionals? Use GreenscreenPaint!

Green screen paint, GreenscreenPaint, is a water-based green wall paint for interior use. What is special about this paint? The wall painted with GreenscreenPaint can be used for the Chromakey technique. This technique is used in the film industry to make a transparent background. The green paint thus makes it possible to position a character or a filmed object in front of a different, edited video background.

When is green screen paint used?

There are some classic situations when you can use GreenscreenPaint green screen paint:

Are you looking for a beautiful, unique location for vlog / video recordings?
Do you want to create some fantastic pictures… but you don’t have time and/or money to go to Bali, Hawaii, Patagonia?
Are you a film producer and you don’t want to have the costs for filming with an entire team of over a hundred people in exotic locations?
Do you create animated films for children?
Do you do weather presentations, financial or stock market developments, instructional videos, talk shows?

With the green screen paint GreenscreenPaint from MagPaint you have the world at your feet. You can easily create your own movie frame and … ACTION! It’s quite simple. GREENSCREENPAINT from MagPaint makes anyone a film maker!

In short, you can use green background wherever you need for your own music videos, vlogs, how-to videos, movies, weather forecasts, presentations, etc.

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And for other usage ideas, you can check the website of the MagPaint manufacturer!

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