Belts with magnets and tourmaline

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Magnetic knee support

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Methods for relieving joint and bone pain – belts with tourmaline and magnets for peripheral circulation and rheumatism.

It is about the magnetic belts with tourmaline that are comfortable, aesthetic and you only have to position them around the problem area (shoulders, neck, knees, elbows, wrists, back) and in a few minutes, you will experience a feeling of warmth and relaxation , with beneficial effects for your health. These belts are made of cloth in which tourmaline crystals are inserted, manufactured on the basis of the “liquid tourmaline” technology with the weaving of tourmaline microcrystals into the thread of the fabric.

The secret of the positive effects of these belts is tourmaline, a semi-precious crystal that has the property of naturally emitting long-wavelength infrared radiation that tourmaline crystals begin to emit upon contact with the temperature of the human body as well as negative ions and the emitted magnetic field, which penetrates the deep layers of the skin, neutralizing free radicals and other toxic substances, resulting from cellular metabolism. And these infrared radiations have the ability to penetrate all the tissues of the body, widening the capillaries, oxygenating the blood, dissolving toxins and thus improving the functioning of all important organs.

Easy to use, with many advantages! The belts have the advantage of increasing the contact surface between the tourmaline crystals and the skin – a positive thing because it was discovered that the efficiency of the emission of infrared rays is all the greater as this contact surface increases.
The effects are clear and instant:
• get rid of tension and stress;
• your circulation improves;
• you get a general state of well-being;
• have a deep and restful sleep.

The advantages of wearing tourmaline belts:
1. Soothes pain;
2. Reduce inflammation;
3. They are easy to transport;
4. They can be used anywhere (at the wheel, at the office, at your home);
5. They have a low price;
6. They are adjustable, being provided with a Velcro closure system.

The following categories of people should not use magnets at all, or only partially:
– pregnant women
-people with heart surgery (peacemaker)
-people who use hearing aids
-people who, following some operations, use metal prostheses.

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