Magnets for Office and School

Magnets for office and school help

In the office and school magnets category you can find magnets that are frequently used in the office area and in education. In the office magnets area, we identify magnets for whiteboards and magnetic boards, magnetic boards and whiteboards, flipcharts, magnetic supports for notebooks, magnetic badges (magnetic badges without a pin). In the area of educational magnets we find magnets for physics experiments (didactic magnets) or other accessories for school and office. And let’s not forget a paint with special characteristics from the MagPaint range. This paint range contains ferromagnetic paint, whiteboard paint, blackboard paint and film paint.

Didactic magnets and for experiments

Didactic magnets and for experiments occupy a distinct category of our store’s concerns. Why? We believe that the new generations of children can benefit from a practical education.

This type of education helps them fix the physics information better with multiple experiments. Thus, children can better understand the attraction and repulsion between magnets. Or how magnetic levitation can be formed, what shape the magnetic field has. Or children can simply learn about magnetic, diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials. What do we need? AlNiCo didactic magnets (aluminium-nickel-cobalt), a type of safe and easy-to-use magnets. But also of ferrofluid, iron filings, compass and magnetic indicator, bismuth and many other surprises.

Is this type of experimentation expensive or effective? It depends on how we use them. If we take into account the fact that this information will stick very well in the minds of children, the investment in materials for magnetic experiments is fully justified. In addition, most didactic materials are kept from an experiment and are not consumed over time. And permanent magnets keep their magnetization and properties. So other generations of children will be able to benefit from the same didactic experiments.

Paint with special characteristics

The magnetic paint (actually ferromagnetic) contains small iron particles. This attractive paint transforms almost any surface (wall, panel, etc.) into a creative place and plays with magnets. That means we can fix all kinds of educational materials and memories on the magnetic wall. For example, pictures or memories from the vacation with magnets, magnetic souvenirs, magnetic certificates, drawings fixed with office magnets, etc.

If it is used in combinations such as ferro-magnetic paint + whiteboard paint or ferro-magnetic paint + blackboard paint, the number of combinations increases spectacularly, in addition to magnets and magnetic foil using markers and chalk.

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